by roi peled

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Tribute Album


released February 22, 2015

Recorded at Matan Ben-Zvi's studio
Produced by Roi Peled and Matan Ben-Zvi
Arrangement by Roi Peled and Matan Ben-Zvi
All songs composed By Roi Peled
Lyrics in track 11: Roi Peled and Maya Rilov
Lyrics in track 12 : Roie Avidan
Vocals and Guitars: Roi Peled
Drums: Matan Ben-Zvi
Bass: Shlomi Mantsur
Piano and keyboards (tracks 1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10): Yonatan Daskal
Piano (tracks 7,11,12): Matan Ben-Zvi
Vocals on track 11: Roi Peled and Maya Rilov
Cover paintings: Rina Peled
Cover design: Yoav Peled and Roi Peled
Supported By Do-Be and Rina Peled
Mixing: Ori Winokur
Mastering: Eric Broyhill
Track 7 Dedicated to Katerina Gutman. We miss You.
Tel Aviv - 2014



all rights reserved


Roi Peled Israel

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Track Name: Where We Start
I know it's not the first time
I know what keeps the hunger
Why am I being on time
When there is no arrival?

Where do we start and when do we stop?

Floating in an ocean
Trying to store some water
We are storytellers
Reaching for an island
Track Name: Meet Me Inside
Meet me inside,
Where I start and the city ends

We're in-between the memories
And what is yet to be
And where we are
Track Name: Wake Me Up
You will not get any higher by standing on a rock
You will not put out the fire with a single drop

It will not get any brighter by wiping off the dust
And by counting down the hours, time will not get lost

Come wake me up.

You will not get any lighter by coloring the rest
You are only getting tired and you've had your rest

Come wake me up
Track Name: Out Of Luck
I'm done with the papers
I've come so you'll check my marks
Clearing my desk now
holding my fingers crossed

Out of luck and out of my mind

I know you can hear me
I'm not gonna raise my voice
I gave my own verdict
Enough used to be enough

Out of luck and out of my mind

Let's skip a day, wait on the night
Track Name: Blind Man
The blind man said I'll be leading, we'll be fine I know
The boat man said we are leaking, and we're a long way from home
The old man said I will go willing, if I could find my coins
The wise man said no one's leaving, but let's just see how it goes

Either way I go

The tired man said the wind ain't speeding, we are far too slow
The young man said I must be dreaming, I never did no wrong.
The proud man said don't keep us hanging, tell us what you know.
The sad man said I saw it coming, it's every man on his own.

But either way I go

Some offer promises but I feed on magic
Either way I go
Track Name: Re-recite
When I think I'm right and I know I'm wrong
When words only serve as a limit
I can re-recite just like everyone knows
And in time I might come to believe it

It could end right here or take all day long
But I'm further away by the minute
Yeah, it seems my mind has a mind of its own
And it knows what it wants and how to get it

No pain is lost
It will find me when I'm tied in a knot
No pain is lost
If I ride it
Track Name: Any Sense
Tell me, does it make any sense?
Trying to find the sense ever since
They said that words can change. Where's the change?
A day chasing a day chasing a day

I'm sad to see you took all of the bait,
by trusting only what you see when it's not even half of it
You wanted so bad to believe, you never even stopped to check
I hope it starts and never stops raining.

I know you want to have a name, I know you want to have the name
of every new addition to this game.
To track the ones who hurt you long before you stopped to care
Tell me do you no longer care

The longer you refuse to wake up angel,
you'll trust in what is but a dream, when you know that time is running
I wish it wouldn't stop, I wish it never stops raining,
because you're not allowed to give up yet.
Track Name: Lying Still
The more I tried to give, the less she took
The eyes refuse to see what the stomach knows
By now I know by heart every shape on her back
Lying awake in the dark

There's no shape to the world

The more I tried to squeeze, the less she spoke
The sunrise wouldn't come and I knew the rest by heart
I'll be still, she'll be still, lying still in the dark

There's no shape to the world
Track Name: See You Dancing
I wish you well
Can't join the journey
It's too soon to tell how strong I am

No souvenirs
and memorized letters
Your voice is gone
But still I see you dancing on

Dragging your feet in a sea of sand
If you only ask me, I'll bring the rain
Ten thousand miles of desert land
and you won't give up, you don't give in

You said the road to heaven was straight through hell
You're on your way and it pulls you in.
Miles and miles of desert land
and you won't give up, you don't give in

I wish you well
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes the road does seem long
and sometimes the rope does hang low
The sign says stop
but I can't go slow

So hold me
Hide me
Remind me
Tire me
and lay me down

Sometimes the room has no ground
But somehow the song keeps me around
We must be close,
Though it feels so far

So hold me
Hide m
Remind me
Tire me
Keep me around
Track Name: Wintery love
I'll follow you into the sun
Beyond the tide of the morning dawn
I'll follow your sails through the storm
We'll fight the tempest and come undone

You'll be my wintery guide to the meadows
You'll be my wintery guide to the sun

You'll be my wintery love

Frost bitten scout calling in your doves
I'll follow your firefly glow
Frozen lips whisper a silent call

There's an army of mercenaries caging the weather
We'll bury the memories dug
and we'll leave as soon as we find
one single light to lead us

You'll be my wintery love.
Track Name: Let Me
let me enlighten
in this dark, in
this blackness of
let me embark
on a journey
to light,
on a journey
to where,
I will face up
with endings,
to see if i care,
enough to return to
that point
where i once,
began with a
to find where to